Joy and Work

“Many people master the art of making a living but never discover the joy of living”. (Mike Slaughter, Momentum For Life, p. 57)

There are many ways in which we have been deceived in life. One way is that many of us have been taught that God is some big old man in the sky who puts a whole bunch of difficult rules on us and then stands ready to punish us when we mess up. Another way is that we have been taught to ‘suck it up’…  work is not something we are supposed to enjoy or be passionate about…   it’s something that puts food on the table and, if we are lucky, finances our retirement.

Both of these are wrong. Both of these are issues to be taken up while we are on the subject of ‘life-long learning’. First, we read in Scripture that God wants us to enjoy the fullness of life. Sure, sometimes this means some hard work, discipline and commitment…   and not just doing whatever we want at the moment (we all know what kind of trouble that can cause!), but, believe it or not, God wants us to be happy and live a full life of joy. Second, God has planned a meaning and purpose for each of us. Of course, WE have to discover what it is…   and WE have to make it happen.

Now we all don’t and won’t have our dream job…   but we CAN bring our dreams and passion to our job (while we always search and plan for our life’s purpose and meaning). As we commit to growing, stretching, learning, trying…   as a life-long practice…   we will find momentum!