Learn, Observe, Do

“The development of the mind makes it possible for men and women to be servants to the generation in which they live”. (Gordon McDonald, Ordering Your Private World, in Mike Slaughter’s Momentum for Life, p.60)

Most of us have had the experience of being ‘pushed’ to be the best we can be. Whether it was in school, the military, a job or organization, or personal circumstance, most of us have been required to grow and learn. It’s no surprise that WITHOUT that external ‘push’ or ‘requirement’ many of us ‘get stuck’ in a place where we don’t take those steps to grow and learn.

The hard truth that we all face as human beings is that, for the better part of our lives and times, WE are the one’s that have to ‘push’ and require’ OURSELVES to be the best we can be. The task is so hard that when we look at human history we can see so little greatness…   and so much mediocrity. And I would be willing to bet that many of our lives reflect this (mine definitely does!)…   so little greatness and so much mediocrity.

For anyone who is familiar with the routine of the blog this month, you will know that this is the last entry on ‘life-long learning’…   and we end with Mike Slaughter’s practical application:

Read: He says we should always be reading something that is increasing our knowledge and inspiring our lives. I would adjust ‘read’ to say ‘learn’. Many of us today don’t ‘read’ like past generations (maybe we should!), but we can learn through visual media, Internet, etc. However you learn best…   do it!

Observe: Watch the ‘best of the best’ you can find in our place of work, school, neighborhood, church, etc. Waht makes them the best? Do what they do!

Do: We learn much better, faster, and completely by getting out there and ‘doing’ things. Most of us stop short of ‘doing’ because it is uncomfortable to actually try and do something new…   we make mistakes, we think people will criticize us or laugh, we think we will fail.  Doing (in this case) isn’t about success or failure…   it is about learning something new