Learn What You Want

“We must sustain the never-out-of-school attitude of a child if we are to truly enter into the fruitfulness of Kingdom [of God] living”. (Mike Slaughter, Momentum for Life, p. 48)

Most of us only ‘learn’ when we have to. It is a discipline to look for learning opportunities every day. It is even more of a discipline to make time to learn something new. Now, it doesn’t have to be a college degree, a certificate, or a long 12 week course of some kind (although it can be). A great place to start is with our interests. What do we WANT to learn about? It may be reading an Internet article everyday on business or art or travel. It may be going down to the music store a picking up a guitar and lesson book for a few bucks and learning to play. It may be gardening, cooking, weightlifting, auto mechanics or any number of a million things.

Lifelong learning makes us better and better…   why not begin today with something that you have always wanted to learn. Maybe God is calling you?