Life to the Fullest- Christmas Thought of the Day (1 of 25)

It’s clear that everything in our culture is telling us we need more, more, more, bigger, better, faster, more! And, if we are honest, most of us fall for it. Countless times we reason that IF we just had that new __________ (fill in the blank yourself)…   we would be happier. This is living from a mindset of LACK. When we reason that ‘if I just had bigger, better, newer, faster, more’ I will be happy’   it ALWAYS creates dissatisfaction, endless chasing of things, and unhealthy consumerism and materialism.

Jesus says in John 10: “I have come that they may have LIFE…   LIFE to the FULL”.

This Christmas season take a huge step towards peace, joy, and life to the fullest. Instead of focusing on what we lack let’s focus every day this season on all that we have been blessed with and the source of all blessing: Jesus.

THIS is a list worth making…   and checking twice!