Light and Darkness: Christmas Thought of the Day (5 of 25)

Ever feel like you’re drifting through life like a boat in a storm? Ever feel pushed and pulled by the winds and waves and currents of life that are out of your control?

There are lots of terms to describe being confused, lost, powerless, or out of control. One frequently used in the Bible is ‘darkness’. We know what its like to fumble around in the dark, to be afraid in the dark, to face the unknown in the dark.

wow…   this sounds more like a horror movie than a Christmas post…   yuck.

OK, so why all the ‘dark’ language? Because we know that life can be hard, scary, and uncertain. We NEED a LIGHT shining and giving us direction, vision, hope, and warmth. We’ve got all sorts of ‘little’ lights in our lives like family, friends, blessings, opportunities…   but little lights will not help a drifting ship on a vast sea in a big storm. We need a BIG light…   a light like the sun that illuminates the whole world and all of us completely.

This Christmas season we remember that Jesus is just that sort of BIG light. Jesus is the brightness of God’s very own self who came into our darkness to free us from the fear and uncertainty of being lost and out of control:

The people walking in darkness have seen a great light; on those living in the land of deep darkness a light has dawned.