Live Peaceably

Romans 12: 18: If it is possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all

This is not just a command and faithful commitment…   it just makes good sense!

I’m married. And, I haven’t quite learned to keep my mouth shut sometimes. I am forever making my life more difficult by saying and doing things that makes my wife mad. I do this at work sometimes too (whoops). The end result is a straight-up lack of peace. OK…   so I’m kidding a little (kind of), but we can all relate to knowing when we should just let things alone.

When my life lacks peace…   it is hard to feel good about anything. It is hard to make anything good happen. If we are always ‘in a fight’ we can’t hope to have all of our talents and attention focused on making things better.

Living peaceably is certainly a first essential step to personal growth in faith and life!