Live, Work, Learn

“We spend more time working than on any other single activity in our brief lifetimes. God desires for us to make the most of that time and intends for our work to have a purpose”. (Mike Slaughter, Momentum For Life, p. 47)

Most of us dream of having the ‘perfect’ job…   you know…   one that gives us financial security while also being meaningful and fulfilling. And, for most of us…   this has NOT been the reality. We work in our jobs and dream of another way of life. And all too often these dreams remain just that…   dreams. Now, I have to admit that I love my job as a pastor (most of the time), it gives me financial security, in a humble poverty-stricken sort of way :), and it is meaningful and fulfilling. But, it was a long road to get there…   and a lot of sacrifice. It wasn’t until my mid-to-late thirties that things started to come together.

For me…   the path forward always included learning new things, finding creative solutions, and patiently practicing new skills. Mike Slaughter recommends just such things for all people regardless of whether they are in the job they love, or still in the dreaming phase.

As we embark on a new week and a new letter in the DRIVE acronym: (R)eadiness for lifelong learning…   we have to commit to being learners, trainees, explorers, and experimenters everyday and all the time. For some of us it is just a matter of learning more and creating more in the job we are in…   for others it means branching out to learn and practice what we need to in order to make a change.

Either way…   lifelong learning holds an important key to getting our life’s momentum going.