Living in the REAL World

Life is tough! Life is confusing! Life is unpredictable!

Don’t we all know it!

That’s why sometimes, I think, it is hard to really put doubt aside and live the life of faith. I mean…   the Bible stories (and many of the messages we hear from the Christian faith) make it sound so EASY…   make it sound so CLEAR…   make it sound so BLACK and WHITE. But for any of us who have given things some real thought, we find that LIVING faith is difficult.

Jesus knew this…   and speaks of it at the end of the account with Thomas (the Scriptures we have been focusing on this week):

Jesus said to him, “Have you believed because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have come to believe.” (John 20:29)

All of us are in this predicament because we WEREN’T there like Thomas. So, we must wrestle with the doubts and unpredictability of the world.

But then again, things were doubtful and unpredictable back in those days when Jesus was not yet resurrected. People, his followers, we wrestling with that.

There really are no easy answers for anyone. And when we read the powerful stories of Scripture, from beginning to end, we find that the doubt, struggle, and unpredictability of life has been the same for everyone. God calls EVERYONE to step beyond themselves and trust in a greater truth and reality.

We will be talking about this today…   at 11am, join us! (27 Bryant Rd, Waretown)