Loop Currents

Just yesterday I was listening to National Public Radio and heart-sickened to hear that the oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico is about to hit the ‘Loop Current’. The Loop Current is a far reaching current capable of bringing that nasty oil and its harmful effects all the way to the eastern seaboard and beyond. It’s times like these when we are painfully reminded that the Earth is an interactive system… one in which ‘sickness’ in one place inevitably causes ‘sickness’ all over.

Families are the same way… a problem or hardship in one place causes strife all around. The loss of a job, a rebellious child, an illness or addiction, anger or resentment can be like a black slick across the hearts and lives of the whole family. Even personally, we know that when we are burdened with anything from guilt to poor nutrition… fear and worry to lack of exercise… we can feel the effects all over. And it’s usually when ‘the oil hits the loop current’ in our lives (which is really just another way to say ‘when the youknowwhat hits the fan’) that we really understand that we are in trouble and ‘might not make it’.

As ‘works in progress’ we’ve no doubt got a lot of oil slicks training around the loop currents of our lives. Some are our fault… some are the fault of others… and some ‘just happened’. In Acts 3 (verses 1- 6) we read about a ‘lame’ man whom was brought to the Temple Gate everyday so he could beg for money to survive. We don’t know anything else about this man’s life… but we do know that… Like BP and government officials with the oil spill (and like so many of us in the problem areas of life)… this ‘lame man’ could only set his sights on making it through until the next day… fumbling along, hoping to hang on. “Give me money” he would say “to get me through the day” .Peter’s response to him was this: “I have no silver or gold, but what I have I give you; in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, stand up and walk.’

Wow! That was different… and so much better! My question today is this: how would our lives be different if we were healed of our mistakes, the wrongs done to us, and the tragedies that ‘just happen’ rather than just given enough to make it through another day. That would really make a difference! This ‘lame’ man wasn’t the first or the last person we read about in Scripture that was healed and given new opportunity… many others with ‘loop currents’ far more oily were given as second shot. God wants that for all of us.