Love Never Ends

“Love never ends.” (1 Corinthians 13:8a)

We live in a world in which all things end. Times change, people change, circumstances change…   life changes. A painful reminder for all of us is that all these things…   life itself…   ends.

So when Christians talk about the ‘Good News’ (the technical term for that being: Gospel) we are talking about something that, in some way, isn’t subject to ‘the end’ like all other things are…   something that we can hold onto even when everything else is only temporary.

A lot of folks say that Christian faith is just fantasy…   there is nothing everlasting…   all things end. Now, we don’t see ALL things…   and we don’t know ALL things…   that’s part of the reason why it is called ‘faith’. But, God HAS given us a down-payment on the truth of the everlasting…   that down-payment is ‘love’.

Sure, we can all point to examples of love that has faded, failed and ended…   but we can all also point to love that has endured and become stronger no matter what other trials and tribulations have come. Try and find THAT with any other aspect of human existence!

“Love never ends” is a powerful way of saying: what God has made…   cannot be unmade.