Mediocrity Does Not Honor God

“Mediocrity does not honor God”. (Mike Slaughter, Momentum For Life, p.55)

In our culture of immediacy and convenience…   excellence is the first thing to go. Think about the last time you went out to dinner. If you went to McDonalds chances are you were not expecting excellence. If you went to a nice, expensive restaurant, maybe you experienced excellence in the food, the environment, etc.

Our lives are the same way. If we are shooting for immediacy or convenience, then our life’s work will resemble fast food. If we aim at excellence, our life’s work will more likely to reflect fine dining and good atmosphere.

For those of us who are not good at analogy and metaphor…   living cheap isn’t good…   and living good isn’t cheap. Living well requires commitment, time, and discipline. Being committed to consistent learning and growing is the way we keep momentum in every area of our lives. Think about it. If we list every area of our lives (faith, career, family, relationship, etc.) and then look to see in which of these areas we have committed time to learning new and better ways…   we will have the whole story. Where we have committed to learn and grow…   we have identified priority. Where we have committed to learn and grow…   we are getting better. Where we haven’t…   we don’t.

The statement “Mediocrity does not honor God” is true…   but the bigger truth is this:

Mediocrity doesn’t honor anything.

Let’s commit to excellence…   not mediocrity!