Miraculous Feeding: Jesus is the Bread of Life

Prayer of the Week

(pray this prayer each day this week)


Almighty God,

When I am in need, you provide for me. The food I eat, the roof over my head, the health of my body, the company of my family and friends are all your ongoing gifts and blessings in my life. Even every breath I breathe and every minute I am alive is provided by you. Yet, I seem often to be fearful that I will lack what I need to survive and thrive. My trust wavers and fails easily. How can I doubt your love and grace? How can I doubt your will and promise when you have shown me your faithfulness. This week give me the courage to live as though you will continue to provide everything that is needful to sustain me and carry me forward.

In Jesus name I pray. Amen


Read John 6:1-15

Week 3: Questions for Reflection


The signs and wonders performed by Jesus in John’s gospel are meant to communicate a truth for us to take in and believe. As you read the text and contemplate the questions below allow the mystery of God’s awesome love and power fill your heart and mind


Why do you think Jesus asks his disciple Phillip the question: where will we BUY food for all these people? Jesus already knew he was going to perform a miraculous feeding.


What does this feeding miracle reveal to you about God?


After the miracle, why did the people want to try and ‘force’ Jesus to be their king? Why did he slip away and reject their action?