Mission Friend-Makers Tip of the Week 5/17/2015


It’s common for Christians these days to try and isolate ourselves from the world around us and its negative influences. We seek to have Christian friends, Christian music, Christian events, Christian movies, Christian books, Christian vacations, etc. etc. etc. We tend to think that we are better and more holy the more we can separate ourselves out from the world around us

In Jeremiah 29 God gives the Israelites some pretty radical instructions. While the people were in exile in Babylon God told them to live, work, and build relationships while seeking the peace and prosperity of the city in which they live, and to pray for it because their prosperity is tied to the city’s prosperity.

God never stops telling them they are God’s chosen people. God never stops telling them God has a special plan for their lives. But, God does tell them that if they seek the best for the wider community (the strange and foreign city they find themselves  exiled into) they will be seeking the best for themselves as well.

One of our core Christian teachings is to be IN the world but not OF the world. We must be ALL IN seeking the best and being the best example for THIS world while never forgetting that we are God’s chosen people…   we are OF God’s Kingdom.

Tip of The Week

Don’t be afraid to make friends with people who don’t believe as you believe. There are a lot of people we really love and admire who do not believe in God or the Christian faith. It’s not our job to convince them…   its God’s. It’s our job to live in such a way that we are an example of the best God has to offer: grace, mercy, healing, prosperity. Even though this world is not our final destination we can live, work, and build relationships while seeking the peace and prosperity of this world and to pray for it.