Mission Friend-Makers: Tip of the Week


If there was ever a key word for the Christian faith it is LOVE.

Jesus said: “Love God with you whole mind, heart, soul, and strength…   and love your neighbor as yourself”. These aren’t just commandments…   they are the most important ones! They call us to live a life centered on loving God and developing loving relationships with our ‘neighbors’…   those we live, work, play and share life with.

So, here’s the tip of the week for those of you who are taking this #1 most important mission of friend-making seriously.

We CAN’T love from afar…   or from our armchair…   or from behind the walls and fences of our homes…   or as we are passing by on our way somewhere else. From these places we can talk about it, dream about it, plan for it, write poems and paint paintings about it…   but to actually practice loving neighbor (friend-making) and starting a new friendship we have to GO to where people are.

Practice for the week: put yourself out there. We can’t meet people if we are never in a place where other people are. Take some time to linger in those places where people are (on the neighborhood street, in the grocery store, at your kid’s baseball practice, even in the waiting room of the doctor’s office). See what happens!