Mission Outpost

3rd Week: Mission Outpost

Prayer of the Week

(pray this prayer each day this week)


God of Victory,

You are always moving forward. You are always working your will and plan and bringing creation into line with your Kingdom. Everywhere there are pitfalls of doubt and deception. Everywhere there is resistance and rejection. We can look around the world both near and far and see how people have put the interests of themselves first. And, because of this, there is much suffering and injustice. You call us forward in faith and courage. If we would put you first as our Lord and God, listen to your voice, and charge into the world bringing faith, hope, and love for all people just as Jesus did. This week show me where to advance your will and plan for your Kingdom. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

Read Ephesians 4

Week 3: Questions for Reflection

Most people experience their faith ‘passively’ in the church. They come and sit through worship, listen to teaching, and maybe discuss faith and life within its walls. God wants us to experience faith ‘actively’ in the world. To go and worship God with our life-choices, act upon the principles in Scripture, and build a daily life upon faith in Jesus and follow in his footsteps. Are you ready to put your faith into daily life action:

Living as an outward, public, and visible follower of Jesus is essential for our faith and life. It is how God has called us to let others know that the Kingdom of God is among us. What holds you back from doing this more fully?

We are all different and blessed with unique gifts and graces. List three of your most-treasured gifts and experiences. How can you use them to build up the church for action?

Christians who are too immature and too outward and public in their faith set a bad example. Often referred to a ‘born agains’ or ‘holy-rollers’, they turn people off rather than inspire. They forget that it’s not words primarily that extend the Kingdom of God, but rather example by actions. What are three actions you can take on daily that can advance the Kingdom of God?

This week, begin to turn passive learning into active living.

 Choose one faith principle that inspires you and find a way to bring it into your church life and daily life through action.