Momentum Busters

“God teaches us through these psalms [120-134] that faith is a journey of ascent. One of our obstacles to life momentum is rationalization- telling ourselves we can live at the top without the effort of the climb”. (Mike Slaughter, Momentum for Life, p.10)

As much as we hate to admit it…   many of us have never really graduated from those childhood days in which we cleaned our room by throwing everything under the bed. Sure, it LOOKED clean…   and it could be accomplished in less than 5 minutes (allowing us to go out and play with our friends), but the reality was we were just living with a festering pile of junky chaos under our bed.

Ok…   so maybe we don’t actually throw everything under the bed anymore (or, maybe some of us still do 🙂 ) but we probably have many areas in life where we have cut corners. When we cut corners we rationalize, like Mike Slaughter said, that we are someone ‘different’ than everyone else, that our life can thrive even though we don’t take the time and effort to do things right, that our life will be successful even though we didn’t take the time to build a strong foundation.

News-Flash: shortcuts and rationalization always fail in the long-run…   as does procrastination and poor visualization (rounding out Mike Slaughter’s big three momentum busters). With rationalization we cut corners, with procrastination we avoid necessary action, and with poor visualization, we fail to plot a course and goal for the future. This is a one, two, three strikes your out combination when it comes to momentum for life.

Practice this at home (right now if you are able): take about 10 minutes and look for these three busters in your life. Make a list of where they show up…   and how they cripple your momentum. Save this list throughout this month as we continue the Momentum for Life discussions and reflections…   and see if you can break down these busters!