Moving Forward: The ‘D’ Word

“You cannot get where you want to be in your faith, influence, relationships, vocation, or physical-emotional health if you are not moving forward. From priests to presidents the landscape is littered with the corpses of talented people who failed to maintain the positive momentum of character development” (Mike Slaughter, Momentum for Life p.2)

It’s a basic truth…   no matter how smart, successful, talented, or gifted we are…   without maintaining positive character development we cannot be our best. All too often we wait around for someone or something to lead us out of our shortcomings, but Mike Slaughter says that all progress begins with SELF-leadership.

Another word for self-leadership is ‘personal discipline’. We don’t like the ‘d’ word because we think it messes with our freedom and our pleasure. But all of us have stories in which we toughed it out on something, we made commitments and followed them with discipline. As we remember those times we should remember a sense of accomplishment, a sense of joy and pride, and the ‘pay-off’ of whatever it is we did (lost weight, got fit, saved extra money, saved our marriage, etc.

It all begins with the ‘d’ word.