No More Clutter

“If you allow space for clutter, the pile somehow grows. This same idea works in the rest of your life, If you allow clutter in your spiritual life, marriage, finances, or anywhere else, it will grow. More clutter will accumulate along the way. Soon you’ll have a monster in your life”. (Mike Slaughter, Momentum for Life, p. 21)

Mike’s view on clutter is powerful and useful. In his dvd sermon on the subject he says that clutter spaces lead to cluttered thinking…   and cluttered thinking leads to cluttered spirits…   and cluttered spirits lead to cluttered actions and decisions…   and cluttered actions and decisions lead to cluttered lives.

When we get caught up in the ‘clutter cycle’ it becomes very difficult to make positive changes in our lives. We don’t know where to start, we are overwhelmed, depressed, and demoralized. Breaking the cycle isn’t easy…   but it is possible and it is necessary. Mike says we need to do “first things first”. We need to set priorities and remain committed to seeing them through.

Commit to START somewhere today. Then STICK to it. Watch out for these BUSTERS: putting it off, deciding you don’t need to do anything, thinking it doesn’t matter.