Not Perfect But Willing: Christmas Thought of the Day (11 of 25)

Often people think they have to reach a certain level of ‘goodness’ or Bible knowledge before God will have anything to do with them. Often people think that God waits until we become ‘the best we can be’ before calling us to do something wonderful and great in the world.

Not true! Christmas is probably the biggest example of the fact that God uses ordinary people, with ordinary hang-ups, and ordinary weaknesses to accomplish God’s extraordinary miracles.

Mary was probably between 12-15 years old. She was a common girl with no remarkable ‘goodness’, no extensive Bible Knowledge…   and a ways to go before she would become her ‘best’. Yet, God entrusted her with the greatest mission of all: the birthing and nurturing of the messiah, Jesus.

The key feature that God chooses upon is NOT how good we are or how ‘put-together’ our lives are, rather, God looks for a willingness to act on faith. After receiving this mission from the Angel Gabriel, her simple reply was:

I am the Lord’s servant,” “May your word to me be fulfilled.” (Luke 1:38)