Not ‘Whatever’

“Life isn’t meant to get easier with increased age or income. With the power of vision, I am always moving forward to become my best IN the world and FOR the world”. (Mike Slaughter, Momentum For Life, p.87).

Living with vision isn’t for the lazy or faint of heart. It often requires doing things that don’t get immediate results. For example, if someone has a vision to save enough money to retire to a tropical island in style…   they will have to save thousands of dollars every year for 30 or 40 years! All the while their friends are buying beer and flat screen tv’s…   buying expensive SUV’s and dinner at Applebees 5 nights a week…   they will be putting their money away for a VISION of their future retirement and sacrificing the luxuries of the moment.

Without a vision it is easy just to go out and do ‘whatever’. But, ‘whatever’ NOW turns into ‘whatever’ LATER. With a vision people can actually change themselves, their lives, their future, and their destiny. ‘Whatever’ never achieves anything…   it is only by committing to moving forward in some intentional direction that results are achieved.

This is true in our faith life as well…   faith in ‘whatever’ results in a life direction of ‘whatever’. With a vision that seeks to find God, God’s plan, and a foundation of love, hope, and service our lives, future, destiny and that of the world’s can be changed for the better