One-Year Plan

I continue to work and plan as if I have one year to live. I call it my one-year rule. This approach allows me to prioritize on the basis of mission-critical-strategic activities. More important, it gives me permission NOT to do things of less importance”. (Mike Slaughter, Momentum For Life, p.101)

It is easy to lose track of the fact that we have only one life to live…   one chance to make it count. If we vision and plan, set goals and prepare as if we only had one year to live (and who knows how much time we have anyway) how much more focused, passionate, and committed would we be?

I think we would be less likely to get caught up in the junk that doesn’t matter. I think we would be less likely to fold under the pressure of fear. I think we would be wide awake rather than half asleep. I think we would have some true momentum in our lives!

OK…   so each of our weeks wraps up with a practical application, here is this week’s:

Follow a vision for the future. Begin your one-year plan now. God is waiting for you to be and do what God has especially gifted and placed you to be and do!

Join us this morning at the Waretown UMC campus…   27 Bryant Road. I will be bringing a message of ‘vision’ and we will be celebrating communion. 9:00am and 11:00am.