The hardest thing to do is get started.

I was reading around about the Space Shuttle recently… and did you know (I found out on howstuffworks.com) that it takes 4.4 million pounds of stuff (fuel, fuel tanks, stage rockets, etc.) to get 165,000 pounds (the shuttle) into orbit!

Wait… let’s look at that with all the zeros: 4,400,000 pounds to get 165,000 pounds into orbit! Or, for a daily life example… if getting out of bed in the morning was like going into ‘orbit’… I would have to be pulled out of bed by my Jeep Wrangler!

Truth be told… sometimes I feel like I need my Jeep Wrangler to pull me out of bed in the morning. The point I’m trying to make, though, is that getting started in anything takes a lot of ummphf.

So often in my new church starting adventures I come across folks who really really really want to get started on the road to a life of healing, faith, renewal, purpose, love, forgiveness, and peace… but they just can’t seem to get started. I may see them at one or two of our events or services… they may say they’ve started praying or meditating or reading Scripture, but then they stop coming, praying, reading, etc as the busy-ness of life undercuts the ‘thrust’ and ‘stuff’ and ‘fuel’ they need to get into orbit.

I know this challenge firsthand. I have mentioned before that I didn’t grow up in the church and came to faith in God in my mid-twenties. It took me 5 years of starting and stopping and starting and stopping and starting and stopping until I had the 4.4 million pounds needed to get me into orbit.

Peter was a close friend of Jesus and was the one man responsible for getting the original ‘church’ off the ground. He teaches (in 1 Peter 1:13)

Therefore prepare your minds for action; discipline yourselves; set all your hope on the grace that Jesus Christ will bring you when he is revealed.

In other words… 1) prepare for action… 2) discipline yourself for continued action… 3) hope for orbit… Jesus will meet you en route. OK, so that’s my translation 🙂 But its true! Too many of us wrongly believe that if we ‘want’ to grow in faith hard enough it will miraculously happen. Yes, we have to ‘want’ it hard enough… AND ‘work’ it hard enough. When just starting out we need to expend 4.4 million pounds of effort to get 165,000 pounds of faith into God’s orbit.

I’ve had fun with all the ‘rockets’ and ‘orbit’ references today (maybe too much fun), but let me leave with this last one:

We can count on God to fuel our tank when its empty… but we shouldn’t expect God to build our rocket for us. Let’s get to work!