Every day I am reminded how ordinary I am. It usually starts with waking up and looking in the mirror (yeesh), or cleaning up after the dogs (yuck), or balancing the checkbook (yikes). I say to myself… “Wow, Brad Pitt doesn’t have to look at a face like that!”… “Barack Obama doesn’t have to follow Bo around with a scooper”… “Donald Trump’s checkbook has got a whole lot more digits”.

In a culture that worships fame and fortune, celebrity and novelty… I realize its all way out of my league. What is my place? What is my purpose? What is my worth? These are questions we all have in the back of our minds from time to time, and if we are not careful we begin to judge our worth by the paparazzi factor: how much have we done to gain the limelight… at work, in the community, in social circles?

This can lead to trouble because MOST of us are ordinary… thus the term ‘ordinary’. It comes from the Latin ordinarius, meaning regular or usual. It would be a strange world indeed if most of us were irregular or unusual!

Anyway, we have been looking at Acts 4. In this chapter Peter and John are in jail and called to account for a miraculous healing they performed. The ‘rich and famous’ are grilling and harassing them… and then they stop and say to themselves (verse 13):

[these] were uneducated and ordinary men… [and so] they were amazed recognizing them as companions of Jesus.

These were just ordinary guys… but God didn’t say yeesh, yuck, or yikes! God values people… like me and like you. God moved them, as ordinary as they were, to ‘trying their best’ and ‘do their thing’ because God deals not in fame and fortune… but love and relationship.

With this in mind, I look at all of the tremendously loving and fulfilling relationships in my life. The people that mean the most to me: my wife , my children, my parents, my brothers, my uncles and aunts, my friends and mentors, my brothers and sisters at Barnegat Anew. All are ordinary! Like me! Like most of us! And it doesn’t matter one bit! I love them and they love me.
When we deal in love… ordinary no longer applies.

I am convinced God loves that… and loves us… we who are ordinary.