Out of Our Minds

When I tell people I am starting a new church in Barnegat… sometimes they look puzzled.

When I talk about the vision:

Sharing together in the love of God. Creating together solutions for daily life. And acting in faith serving the needs of others.

When I talk about the purpose:

To build an authentic faith community, grounded in relevant Christian spirituality, and being the ‘good news’ in action serving the needs of our neighbors locally and globally.

When I talk about our plans:

To make faith relevent 7 days a week. To gather at church services that are inspriational for the whole family. To grow networks of positive relationships that promote physical, spiritual and emotional health and wellness. To build a church that is also a community center and meeting the needs of all people in our community.

When I talk about all this stuff… sometimes people respond: “You’re crazy!”. And, in a way, they are right. The whole thing about building and growing is that what you envision is not yet there. Most of us live according to what we can see… so it is scary to hope in something that does not yet exist.

If I am crazy… I am in good company. Paul was called ‘crazy’ a number of times (Acts 26:24):

“You are out of your mind, Paul! Too much learning is driving you insane!”

Paul too was counting on and hoping for something not yet seen… the salvation of the world through Jesus Christ.

Are you crazy enough to hope for what you cannot yet see… are you crazy enough to build what does not yet exist?