Out of This World

4th Week: Out of this World

Prayer of the Week

(pray this prayer each day this week)



You are the beginning and the end of all things. You have power and knowledge over all things and you control all things. In your loving grace you have granted us freedom of will, and with that will we often reject you in favor of riches, beauty, security, pleasure, and fame offered by the world. Try as we might we cannot keep these things forever. Try as we might, even our lives come to an end. Thank you for the gift of life. Help me to use it to honor and love you. Give me the courage to let go of the lesser things offered by the world so that I may enjoy the fullness of life you have to for me. This week help me begin to break ONE unhealthy attachment I have to the world.

In Jesus name I pray. Amen

Read 1 John 2

Week 4: Questions for Reflection


Most of us live a lifestyle consumed by the things of the ‘world’. Those things: money, career, security, comfort, pleasure become ‘idols’ and hijack our hearts and lead us away from the God who loves us and has a wonderful plan for our lives:

What do you spend the most waking hours pursuing? Why do you do it? Even if you list something honorable (like family for example) Is the WAY you are living honoring to God and reflect God’s good will and plan?

What do you fear the most in losing? If you lost that…   would you lose God? God’s love? God’s will for your life? How could you reorder your priorities to reflect God as occupying the driver’s seat of your life?

Most of us know where the world has tempted us off God’s path. Those places are marked by addiction and dependence upon something unholy, lesser, or even damaging to us? The first step back to God is breaking the chains that hold you. God WILL help you break them…   but first you must name them and ask God to intervene. Do it!

This week, begin to reorder your life by placing God at the top and in the center.

Start your day with 5 minutes of Scripture reading and 5 minutes of prayer each day this week. Watch how God begins to direct your awareness and attention to what you need to do to live life to the fullest