“Most people think, ‘ if I could only increase my belief in God, things would be different’. Most likely, it is not your belief in God that needs to increase; it is your passion for God that must grow in order to give you the momentum to thrive in the face of resistance”. (Mike Slaughter, Momentum for Life, p.29)

Any step of self-transformation begins with a commitment to something higher than ourselves. That may sound old-fashioned or ‘overly religious’, but the truth is that we NEED devotion. If you have been reading this blog you already have some ‘buy-in’ regarding the life of faith.

Now is the time to begin putting faith into action. As we devote our lives to God every day, all the time, we will find that we are building positive, healthy momentum for life. God is love, God is peace, God is justice and service and kindness…   and we we get in on THAT we get in on God’s plan for our lives.

God loves us…   and wants us to love (not only God but one another). This is the beginning of passion.