People In Our Scope

“The second responsibility we have [after the one we have to those we love] is with the people in our scope- those who are strategic to God’s mission in our network of influence”. (Mike Slaughter, Momentum For Life, p.79).

Mike Slaughter goes on to say, “All people are equally important to God, but all people are not equally strategic to the investment of our time for God’s mission”. (p.80). This is a lesson we can all learn for our daily life: everyone is important…   but not everyone requires the same amount of time and energy investment.

This isn’t mean…   it is a reality. In our ‘scope’ all of our professional, community, and social connections (outside of family and close friends) it makes sense to spend more time and energy building relationships with some of them and not others. We all have those people ‘in our scope’ who are very ‘high maintenance’, and we may spend a lot of time dealing with them…   but our relationship with them isn’t strategic…   it doesn’t help build towards our life purpose. For example, years ago I belonged to a gym and went about six days a week. A few days a week I got to talking with one of the floor trainers…   really nice guy. But, every time I got to the weight room we would chit-chat about nothing…   and I wouldn’t be able to get my full workout in. That relationship was NOT strategic to my goal of health and fitness. On the other hand, I am a charter member of the newly formed Barnegat Rotary Club. In this club I am building strategic relationships every week with business and professional people from town who are united in Rotary’s goal of providing community service. This is strategic for my life goal as a pastor to serve those in need.

We should all be looking at the people in our scope and asking this question: “are they strategic”. Or, in other words, “who can I build a better world with…   and who is keeping me from building”.