People Matter

“Life is not about the stuff we own or accumulate. It is not even about personal accomplishment. Life is about people. We can replace stuff, but we can’t replace people!” (Mike Slaughter, Momentum For Life, p.71)

We read in Scripture (1 John 4:8)”God is love”. Everywhere we turn in the Scriptures we learn that God has used ‘love’ as the foundation for everything we are supposed to do…   everything from starting and raising a family, to finding meaningful work and life purpose, to being a part of the faith community (church). And God is NOT talking about self-love…   so naturally, God means love for others.

When we think about our daily lives this should ring true. The good relationships we have with others (our love for others and their love for us) is what makes life worth living. When we think about our faith life this should ring true (our love for God and God’s love for us) is what makes faith worth living.

But good relationships with people (and with God for that matter) take work, commitment, sacrifice, and cooperation. In other words…   THEIR HARD!!!! When things are hard (even though we know they are worth the effort) it is easy to be discouraged from investing the time and energy.

We all need to remember…   people matter!