Politics of Jesus: Give to Caesar What is Caesars

Prayer of the Week

(pray this prayer each day this week)



I am a citizen of your kingdom, but I am living in a foreign land. Many of the things I see around me are happening do not conform to your will or your way. Many of the people I meet are not living according to your purpose and plan. It is difficult for me to navigate my daily life keeping my heart fixed on your direction. Making matters more confusing, I have to live as a stranger in this world and I have to abide by the ‘laws of the land’. Some of them I agree with, and some of them I do not. This week give me clarity to do my civic duty to uphold the laws of the land while never losing sight of my primary priority of pleasing you and remaining obedient to your Law.

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen


Matthew 22:15-22

Week 4: Questions for Reflection


We live in a complex world in which the there is a competition for our allegiance. What we think, say, and do is often interpreted through political, social, and cultural perspectives. If we are not careful, we can get caught up in these things that distract us from our primary allegiance to God. Or worse, we can begin to interpret God’s word in light of our own political, social, or cultural convictions…   in an attempt to justify our perspective rather than letting our faith in God define our perspective. Our calling, in following Christ, is to respect the political, social, and cultural system we live in but never lose sight that our first priority and primary responsibility is to be obedient to God and God’s Law.


List out your views on politics, culture, and society.



Where do your views on politics, culture, and society come from? Are they grounded in God’s world and law?



What do you need to change in order to keep God and God’s will and law your first priority and primary responsibility?