Practice, Practice, Practice

“God can’t steer a parked car. God is looking for people who will take their lives out of park and shift them into drive”. (Mike Slaughter, Momentum For Life, p. 43)

The great thing about this Momentum for Life program is that it is PRACTICAL…   designed to give us things to do each day to ‘get in gear’. For ‘devotion’ the practice is a method of ‘getting involved’ with God every day. Here it is (Mike Slaughter’s SON method):

(S): Read a passage of (S)cripture every day.

(O): (O)bserve. What do you think of when you read it? What stands out? Write down any and all thoughts that come to mind as you read…   ANY and ALL.

(N): (N)ame something from the Scripture (and your thoughts) as an action point for the day. ACT ON IT.

This could be done as quickly as 15 minutes…   or as long as an hour and a half. shoot for 30 minutes to start. End the session by writing a quick prayer (yep…   God reads!) for the day.

Our lives WILL show change, depth, and improvement when we devote time to God in this way every day.