Proverbs 12

For the next several days I’ll be leading a daily reading of Proverbs. It is a book in the Bible which offers both practical wisdom and eternal perspectives. Join with me each day in reading a chapter. I will offer a reflection on one verse or topic from each chapter.

Proverbs 12

The thing we love about fairy tales is that, in the end, GOOD always wins over evil. In the real world this is not so clear…   but still very true.

There is an integrity, a peace of mind, a respect that comes from living wisely and righteously. Sure, in the ‘real world’ version of the fairy tale there is plenty of horror, injustice, and suffering…   and that really stinks! But, in the larger narrative of human history and God’s story, we are still becoming the ‘chosen’ children of God.

We may enjoy the respect and love of others for choosing to live uprightly…   or we may be persecuted and condemned (and only enjoy the respect and love of God). Either way…   its better than being on the side of evil.

No one can be established through wickedness,
   but the righteous cannot be uprooted.
(Proverbs 12:3)