Proverbs 17

For the next several days I’ll be leading a daily reading of Proverbs. It is a book in the Bible which offers both practical wisdom and eternal perspectives. Join with me each day in reading a chapter. I will offer a reflection on one verse or topic from each chapter.

Proverbs 17

There seems to be strife everywhere these days. Everyone’s got an attitude. It getting to the point where you can’t go to the mall, drive on the Parkway, or even go out to dinner without someone givin’ attitude, a dirty look, or some unpleasant hand gesture.

Our homes should be a safe haven from all that…   but all too often, our homes are just as (if not more so) filled with strife. Just watching all those ‘Real Housewives of…’ and other similar reality shows really makes the point. The people (who have so much in the way of material wealth) are constantly embroiled in strife and anger and attitude…   all day long in their homes and with their families.

Unfortunately, many of our homes are not safe havens…   but war zones. It can be a long, hard task to ‘end the war’, but the wisdom of a peaceful home is worth pursuing at all costs.

Better a dry crust with peace and quiet
   than a house full of feasting, with strife.
(Proverbs 17:1)