Proverbs 21

For the next several days I’ll be leading a daily reading of Proverbs. It is a book in the Bible which offers both practical wisdom and eternal perspectives. Join with me each day in reading a chapter. I will offer a reflection on one verse or topic from each chapter.

Proverbs 21

One of the biggest problems we have in the life of the church is that some people think if they show up for an hour on Sunday and donate some money into the offering plate…   they can live like the devil the rest of the week. Committed Christians everywhere refer to these folks as trying to ‘buy fire insurance’. They sacrifice a little of their time and money…   and in return they expect God’s grace and protection.

Sorry…   no…   it doesn’t work that way!

Somewhere we got a crazy idea in our culture that we can live one way Monday through Saturday…   and then do ‘churchy’ things on Sunday. But all throughout the Scriptures we find that God is calling all people to be just, kind, and merciful AS A WAY OF LIFE.

Living like the devil Monday through Saturday will never make us…   or the world a better place, no matter how many dollars or hours we spend in church on Sunday. Doing what is right and just EVERY DAY…

…that can really make a difference!

To do what is right and just
   is more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice.
(Proverbs 21:3)