Proverbs 25

For the next several days I’ll be leading a daily reading of Proverbs. It is a book in the Bible which offers both practical wisdom and eternal perspectives. Join with me each day in reading a chapter. I will offer a reflection on one verse or topic from each chapter.

Proverbs 25

We like to think we are always ‘at our best’. We are always at our strongest, smartest, and most self-controlled. But, the truth is that we are often vulnerable. We are often ‘open’ for trouble.

The reason for this is that most of us neglect self-control. We lack that commitment and discipline that would otherwise keep us on track. Instead of self-control we go with a ‘whatever’ attitude. We ‘take things as they come’, we ‘wing it’, and in doing so we open ourselves up to trouble.

If we have a dream, a plan, a direction we want for our lives…   then we have to start with ourselves…   start with some self-control.

That’s just basic wisdom!

Like a city whose walls are broken through
   is a person who lacks self-control.
(Proverbs 25:28)