Proverbs 30

For the next several days I’ll be leading a daily reading of Proverbs. It is a book in the Bible which offers both practical wisdom and eternal perspectives. Join with me each day in reading a chapter. I will offer a reflection on one verse or topic from each chapter.

Proverbs 30

Jesus has a great saying in Matthew 7:5, it goes something like this: “hey hypocrite…   before you worry and complain about the SPECK in someone else’s eye…   why don’t you worry about the LOG in your own eye!”

His point was simple…   many times we are hyper critical of other’s little faults while we let our own big faults slide.

The way of wisdom would have us pay close attention to our own faults first and foremost. Each of us has enough ‘dirt’ in our lives to keep us occupied. We may THINK that we hide it well, or that no one notices, but the truth is people know when we are being hypocritical.

Let’s not be too quick to think we are better, purer, cleaner than others…   and let’s certainly NOT act towards others as though we are better!

those who are pure in their own eyes
   and yet are not cleansed of their filth
(Proverbs 30:12)