I performed the service at a funeral this morning…

And I talked about ‘the resurrection’… you know… that part of the story when Jesus is raised from the dead… and his promise to us… that we will be too.

If there is anything Christians are disregarded for these days… it’s their insistence on the resurrection. Fairytales! This is often the reaction. Fairytales! No one has ever risen from the dead. And mostly… we act like, back in ancient times, people were just simple and would believe anything… so, they say, the whole resurrection thing is a superstitious carry-over from a simpler time when people didn’t know better.

But, surprise! People have always had a problem with the resurrection. As it turns out… even back then… people were smart enough to say, “hey… wait a minute… people don’t come back from the dead”. Look at what Paul says in Acts 23 (verse 6):

I am on trial concerning the hope of the resurrection of the dead

It seems kind of wrong to talk about ‘coming back to life’ at any time… much less at a funeral. On the surface, it seems like giving false hope, saying anything to make people feel better. But no… I am convinced that I had to say it.

Why? because something happened after that dead body of Jesus was taken down from the cross (yes… this is historically recorded). Something happened that made 11 or so people (and their friends and family) risk the rest of their lives to tell the story of the resurrection (did you know… all but one of Jesus’ disciples were killed for what they said, and did, regarding the ‘resurrection’… that would be a tremendous commitment to a lie or mistake). Something happened that turned 11 or so people in Jerusalem into millions and millions worldwide.

Faith does not come from fact… faith comes from something we must invest in… without seeing its fullness. No one KNOWS what lies beyond death… or the true meaning of LIFE… these are faith issues.

How’s your faith?