Scams, Spams, and Cons

Life is hard enough…   and on top of it, the world is full of scammers and spammers and cons.

I don’t have time for this junk. Just this last week (like every week), our Barnegat Anew outreach email received a dozen or more emails wanting us to call, fax, email, click and share everything from our opinions to our bank account. This blog regularly gets hit with spam. My facebook had three spam like messages just in the last three days. And if all that isn’t enough…   I even had a phone call last week from someone who wanted the details of my health insurance policy.

And to broaden this even more (yes…   now I’m ranting) over the years: my computer has been compromised by viruses a few times, my Jeep had been broken into 4 times, I have had stuff stolen out of my yard, my credit card number has been used to make fraudulent charges, and I’ve been the victim of vandalism. I know…   most of us have…   but the point is we shouldn’t have to deal with this.

Anyone else out there fed up with having to deal with this garbage?!

In the Christian faith you will often here people talking about the ‘virtues of the faith’: patience, love, discipline, maturity, etc. over and against the ‘sins of the world’: selfishness, vanity, pride, dishonesty, etc. But, the issue is bigger than that. All of us, Christian or not, have to deal with the same junk. While we try to do our best to be good people, seek life, liberty, happiness and security for our families…   there are always people out there trying to mess with it.

Paul warns his student Timothy (2 Timothy 3:13):

But wicked people and impostors will go from bad to worse, deceiving others and being deceived.

Many places in Paul’s teachings he tells the faithful to remember who they are (God’s people), what’s important (faith, righteousness, love), and that God sees , knows, and will conquer evil. He also tells the faithful that they will have to accept the fact that, for now, evil folks will continue, continue to get worse, and continue to multiply.

So, even though that doesn’t make me feel any less angry about it today…   I can rest assured that as we continue to stand against scams, spams, and cons…   God stands with us.