Send Me?!

1st Week: Send Me?!

Prayer of the Week

(pray this prayer each day this week)

 Loving God,

You have created us, breathed life into us, loved us, and call us to love you in return. Often, instead of returning love for you, often instead of gratitude and generosity for all you have done for us…   we repay you with selfishness and neglect. Before we can GO OUT in your name we must humbly submit our lives and selves to you.  This week, stir-up within my heart a burning desire to know you and love you more. Speak to me as I come before you in prayer and ignite a joyful hope and courage to follow you out of the church and into neighborhood beyond.

In Jesus name I pray. Amen

Read John 3, 12, 13, 14

John 20:19-21

Week 1: Questions for Reflection

Jesus loves us and comes to save us (and the world) from ourselves (the selfishness and strife that causes suffering and injustice). When we turn to God in love and thanksgiving and commit to following Jesus we are expressing Christian faith. That faith grows us into our best-God-given selves and SENDS us on a mission to show and tell all the world about God’s love in Jesus:

Do you love God? Do you love Jesus? If you answer YES…   list all the things you do every day that expresses that love.

Jesus gave everything for us. His love was so deep that he even gave his life. Making a life-commitment to someone or something bigger than ourselves can be scary. What is holding you back from giving your whole life to God?

The Good News of God’s love and salvation is for everyone! The Power of God’s Holy Spirit was given to us (Jesus’ followers) so that we could show and tell the world. If you love God and have committed your life to following Jesus…   you are SENT to go and tell the world. This week, look around at the people and places of your daily life (at work, in the neighborhood, around town, etc.). Who and where do you see a need for the Good News of Jesus?

 Go and introduce yourself to that person or place