Sent: Not From Around Here

2nd Week: Not From Around Here

Prayer of the Week

(pray this prayer each day this week)

 Lord of My Life,

I live in the world but this is not my home. There are many people, places, and things I am attached to here but this is not my home. I have many cares, worries, doubts and fears based on what I experience here in my daily life but this is not my home. You have prepared a place for me in your Kingdom, in your embrace. A place we call Heaven but which is much more than just a place where I will spend eternity. My home with you exists right here, right now. As I put my faith in you and follow closely, you bless me with a sense of belonging and peace. This week show me how to focus on your kingdom rather than this world. Help me to be independent of the world by being dependent on you. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

Read John 17

Week 2: Questions for Reflection

The ‘world’ in the Bible is always mentioned as a bad alternative to the Kingdom of God. What makes the world a bad alternative is how it tempts us to choose the priorities of the world (wealth, security, pleasure, etc.) over the priorities of God (faith, hope, love, etc.). We are called to live IN the world but regard ourselves as FROM God’s Kingdom. This makes all the difference in how we develop our lifestyle and priorities:

What do you value the most? Does your lifestyle reflect that value? What values are you instilling in your family, children, and friends by your priorities and actions?

Where do you see God at work in the world? These places are where God’s Kingdom is showing through.

Do you see yourself as a resident of the Kingdom of God called to show and tell this Kingdom to others in the world?

This week, prayerfully list out your top 10 priorities of life. Now, how many of those are priorities fit for the Kingdom of God? If any of those priorities are people…   how are you showing and telling them about the Kingdom of God with your life and lifestyle?

Choose ONE way to communicate the Kingdom of God