I volunteered at a Food Pantry and Thrift shop today.

It is really a great place… doing a great work… serving the needs of folks in Brick NJ.

It’s called The Community Outreach Food Pantry and Thrift Shop.

I was really inspired and encouraged because I saw all the love, effort, time, and care BEHIND the scenes. I was also surprised by how BIG the operation was! They had a virtual warehouse of donated items for sale at the Thrift shop (the sales dollars going to fund the purchase of food for the Pantry). They had a room full of food getting ready to be given away. They had a lot of hard-working folks (both daily volunteers like me as well as staff) making it all happen.

These days its easy to get discouraged. It seems as though everywhere you turn you see and hear about all the bad stuff, evil stuff, selfish, petty, stupid, spoiled, stuff.

I highly recommend getting out and volunteering… it will restore some faith… it will reveal some love… it will make a difference… all for good! If you need some suggestions about where to go and volunteer call me, or email, facebook or comment.

The core of Jesus’ wisdom for living was this (from Mark (9:35):

“Whoever wants to be first must be last of all and servant of all.”

This is part of God’s plan for us: as we get out into the world and join forces with those who are trying to do a good work for others in need… our hearts are changed… our joy grows.

And the world becomes a better place.