Something Greater, Something Better

Don’t we all hope there is more to life that the ‘same as usual’.

We look around at our jobs, our families, our town, our future…   our SELVES and we hope for something more, something greater, something better.

Jesus’ followers hoped so too. But, when Jesus was executed…   it seemed like that greater, better life that they were striving for was suddenly out of reach.

People who come through the doors of the church (or who are contemplating doing so) are usually hoping for something greater, something better, for their lives.

For centuries we have heard that “Jesus Saves” and that “God is the answer”, but somehow it just doesn’t seem possible. That’s what the followers of Jesus thought when they went back to fishing after spending three years changing the world (and having their world changed) with Jesus:

Jesus said to Peter, “Follow me.” (John 21:19)

Simple guidance…   but not easy. The path to something greater, something better, is by following Jesus.

Are you ready?