Standing On Shoulders

“Who has encouraged you, given you a break, or even supported you financially? Whose investment in your life allows you to stand where you are standing today? [And], who are you parenting, mentoring, coaching, encouraging, managing or leading? Who is receiving the intentional, strategic time in your schedule? (Mike Slaughter. Momentum For Life, p.82).

Isaac Newton once said, “If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants”. What he meant was that all of his greatest achievements were possible because he built upon the great work of those who went before him.

Our lives can be like that when it comes to relationships. When we look at where we are today, very likely we point to a number of people who helped us get where we are. Of course, we can also point to a number of people who hindered us from getting other places…   but that is a blog post for another day 🙂

Who are those people in your life? And for whom are you one of those people? Our lives benefit from the support, encouragement, and investment of others…   and other people’s lives benefit from our support, encouragement, and investment in them. Often, we can overlook or take for granted the importance of this…   we can get to thinking we did it ‘all by ourselves’ (which leads to pride and arrogance), and we can get to ignoring others whom we can help (which leads to blind self-centeredness).

To gain momentum for life…   we need to be “investing in key relationships”. Part of this process is realizing we are standing on shoulders, and that our shoulders can be a place for others to stand!

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