Summer Worship Theme: Sermon on the Mount

Take time over the summer to read Matthew 5-7 as weekly devotions. The sermon on the mount is THE core teaching of Jesus…   if we take what it says to heart and put it into practice, there will be no stopping us in faith and life!

For Sunday June 28th: Matthew 5:27-37

For Sunday July 5th:     Matthew 5:43-48

For Sunday July 12th:  Matthew 5:38-42

For Sunday July 19th:  Matthew 6:1-18

For Sunday July 26th:  Matthew: 6:19-23

For Sunday August 2nd: Matthew 6:24-34

For Sunday August 9th: Matthew 7:1-5

For Sunday August 16th: Matthew 7:7-11

For Sunday August 23rd: Matthew 7:13-20

For Sunday August 30th: Matthew 7:21-23

For Sunday September 6th: Matthew 7:24-28