Thanks 2

So…   today is the official day to give thanks. Tradition has it that Thanksgiving was orinially celebrated in 1621 in Plymouth Massachusetts. It was a day dedicated to God…   giving thanks for the harvest that provided food in abundance for the new settlers in a new land.

Setting aside a day of thanks just seems natural for folks who without a good harvest would die during the winter.

These days we are far removed from that simple one to one correlation…   good harvest=life…   bad harvest=death. But, no matter how complex things may seem…   we are still just as dependent on the gifts of God for our lives. Think about it…   there is nothing in the rule book that says we are entitled to another day of health, another meal, another chance to be with loved ones.

The Psalms are famous for calling out thanks to God. Let’s all take a moment and do just that today:

And let them offer thanksgiving sacrifices, and tell of God’s deeds with songs of joy. (Psalm 107:22)