The Few

Friday night I got a text that our son’s flag football game was rescheduled from Sunday morning to Saturday afternoon. With less than 24 hours notice I was wondering how many families could make the switch…   looking at our full schedule I was amazed that we could make it on such short notice. When we went to the game we found that almost every family was able to accommodate the change. Wow! What commitment!

Similarly, I am involved in a number of service oriented non-profit organizations. I am always amazed at the consistence of attendance and support I see. People are really on fire…   and they show it with their consistent time, attention, and priority.

Then…   there is the church. Sure there are some super-committed folks…   but nowhere near the numbers or levels of commitment that I see at pee-wee football…   nowhere near the commitment I see at some of the non-profits. What’s up with that? One of the big campaigns these days in the United Methodist Church is ‘Rethink Church’…   and it seems like we can’t do it fast enough. As a new church planter I am really interested in what makes people excited about and committed to a life of faith and the community that is supposed to help make it happen (the church)

Even as far back as Jesus, it seems like the same thing was happening. After encouraging many people to follow  (with few results) he says:

The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few

I don’t have any answers really. Do you?