The Politics of Jesus: Christian Political Action

Prayer of the Week

(pray this prayer each day this week)


Almighty God,

If I put my faith in Jesus you promise to empower me with your Holy Spirit. Putting my faith in Jesus means I have to take action in my daily life to express the love and hope I feel in my heart. This love and hope comes from knowing your grace. With the power of your Holy Spirit, oh God, I can be a witness to other people and show them how powerful your grace is. With the power of your Holy Spirit, oh God, I can be an example of a life healed and empowered with love and hope. This week let my words and works shine as an example of your greatness and compassion. Let your power work in me through the Holy Spirit. May lives be changed for the good…   starting with my own.

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen


Acts 1:5-8; Acts 2:1-8

Week 5: Questions for Reflection


The power of Christian people does not come from the politics of this world. At the time of Jesus death Christians were nothing but a small group of poor, powerless, and marginalized people. Yet, these ‘misfits’ would initiate the biggest shift western civilization has ever experienced. Armed with the Good News of Jesus and empowered by the gift of God’s Holy Spirit they became WITNESSES to his love, grace, and healing power. Everywhere they went they connected with both the people and politicians of different cities and communities. Every time the result was the same: more and more people believed in God, followed Jesus, and received the gift of full life now AND life eternal. THIS is our first, best political mission as Christians.


Every inspiration is on purpose. What cause is God’s Holy Spirit inspiring you to take-up?



How can you communicate and example your God-given mission in your community today?



What political implications can you see resulting from your witness and your work?