The Politics of Jesus: The Greatest Shall Serve

Prayer of the Week

(pray this prayer each day this week)

Merciful God

Although your power and glory is immense and unimaginable, you chose to come and dwell among us as a humble servant. In Jesus I see your love and care and you call me to engage the world with love and care. Not taking the position of the powerful or wealthy or famous, but instead taking the position of the servant, filled with sacrificial grace and generosity for others. This week encourage me to be a humble servant in all I think, say, and do. By my example, help me show the world the love that Jesus has for all people

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen


Week 3: Questions for Reflection

It is really quite amazing. When we look at the person and life of Jesus we are seeing the person and nature of God’s very own self. The ‘Almighty Lord of Heaven and Earth’ chooses to be humble, grace-filled, and loving. Instead of expecting to be served…   Jesus lives and works in the world as a servant. Similarly, Jesus calls those who would follow him to live in the world not as kings and rulers but as servants. The politics of today reflects the culture of the world today. It is all about how to leverage power and influence. It’s all about climbing to the top and getting others to serve our interests. It’s a ‘me first’ world but Jesus beckons us to deny ourselves and live and serve others


We call political service ‘public service’, but how often and in how many ways do you see our elected officials serving the public good? List those ways. How many ways do you see our elected officials serving their own agenda or that of the rich and powerful? List those ways.


How are the political ‘movements’ or ‘organizations’ that claim to have a Christian foundation serving the public good?


What can you do today that is both a political activity AND a public service that reflects the type of servanthood Jesus calls us to?