The Politics of Jesus:The Kingdom of God Has Come Near

Prayer of the Week

(pray this prayer each day this week)


Almighty Lord, My God and King

You are my rock and my salvation. You are my truth and my foundation. In a world of rapidly shifting identities and alliances you call me to stand firm and proclaim your glory. This kind of integrity is foreign in this world where the politics of greed and self-interest reign. Let me shine as an example of what is good and right, not what is politically expedient and savvy. This week give me the courage to speak your truth and to stand up for your values in a world filled with corruption, intimidation, and injustice.

In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen


Matthew 1:14-15; Luke7:18-29

Week 2: Questions for Reflection

John the Baptist was given the honor of being the messenger that went ahead of Jesus declaring ‘prepare the way for the Lord’. He called people to repent and be baptized. He was a prophet courageous in word and deed and filled with faith. When a person like John meets with sin and the abuse of power what would we expect him to do? Remain silent? Complicit? NO! He spoke out! John’s high integrity, truthfulness, and commitment to God was always the same no matter where he was or to whom he was speaking. Unfortunately, when he opposed and condemned King Herod for taking his brother’s wife, he was jailed and eventually beheaded. Jesus lifted up John’s bold truthful speaking as well as his unswerving faith and ultimately describes John like this: “I tell you, among those born of women there is no one greater than John; yet the one who is least in the kingdom of God is greater than he.”


Would Jesus lift up YOUR truthful speaking and unswerving faith?


What do you do when you meet sin and abuse in the politics of today? Remain silent? Complicit? Or speak out with the truth and authority that comes from being faithful to God?


How, where, and face-to-face with whom, might God be calling you to stand up and speak out?