The Price of a Miracle: Christmas Thought of the Day (9 of 25)

So…   how much does a miracle cost? The simple answer is: nothing, it’s given freely. Yes, it is. At Christmas we celebrate and remember that God stepped into the world FOR US…   and for free. For ‘free’ in the sense that God loves us so much that God wants the very best for us: peace, joy, hope, fulfillment, faith, assurance, and LIFE (both life fully now and life eternal)…   and will do ANYTHING to make sure its available to us.

But, as United Methodist mega-church pastor Mike Slaughter reminds us: ‘God’s miraculous grace may be free…   but its not cheap’. When we accept it, when we are grateful for it, when we want to pass it on to others…   we have to let it OWN us. It has to actually direct the way we live.

At the heart of the Christmas Story is Mary (the mother of Jesus). She receives God’s miraculous grace in a profound way:

Mary; you have found favor with God. 31 You will conceive and give birth to a son, and you are to call him Jesus. (Luke 1:30-31)

This miracle would cause Mary’s whole life to change. She would forever be facing opposition, sacrifice, uncertainty, and grief as she OWNED the privilege of being the mother of Jesus. Yet, her faith and life would flourish in the miraculous grace of God.

God wants to do miracles in our lives…   God wants to change our lives…   God wants us to let Him own our hearts and minds. These miracles of peace, joy, and hope may be free…   but they are never cheap.