Trust Fall

One of the most important summer camp experiences kids can have is the activity known as:

The Trust Fall

This activity has older children and youth fall backwards (in a planned and controlled way) either on the ground or from a platform five or so feet in the air into the waiting (and thoroughly trained) arms of their fellow summer campers and counselors.

Having done this activity many times over the years, as a camp director, I know what a step of faith it can be to just let yourself fall backwards knowing that if someone doesn’t catch you… you’re in for a world of hurt.

This activity is used to show and build trust among young people… but there are always a few who are unable to trust. They simply cannot let go of the fear that they will be dropped and hurt.
Of course, when a youth doesn’t want to do ‘the trust fall’ we do not force them to do it… they are allowed to sit that activity out. But, there is no doubt that they are missing out on an important experience… one that helps connect them to others in a positive way, building teamwork, collaboration, self-esteem, and a sense of community. You see… when you don’t trust… you can really get to thinking that you are alone in a big bad world… you can really get to thinking that it’s all on your own shoulders.

The Bible talks about faith and trust in God more than any other subject… and one of the final pleas for trust comes in the very last book of the Bible: Revelation. This book is the story of the ‘end of the world’ and God’s plan for a whole new world free from the trials and sufferings and pain we currently go through. God says (Revelation 21:5):

“See, I am making all things new… these words are trustworthy and true.”

When we allow ourselves to trust in God… it’s kinda like a ‘trust fall’. We ‘let go’ of the fear that it’s a big bad world, we let go of the feeling that it’s all on our shoulders, we can even let go of the fear of pain and suffering.

Because we are still living in an imperfect world, a world in which bad things happen, it’s kinda like we are being asked to ‘fall back’ into God’s arms. It’s kinda like we are being assured that God is ‘on our team’ and we can trust God.

We are being urged to participate in life’s big ‘trust fall’ game…

Would you? Could you?